Community Sports: Material Options for Event Medals

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If you are planning a community sports event, you will need to select the right award for the participants. There are numerous types of awards in the market to consider, including trophies and plaques. However, a medal will offer more benefits, particularly for large events. Medals are smaller and easier to fabricate, and consequently, the cost of production is lower. Moreover, these products can be mass-manufactured, and this will allow each participant to receive the recognition. Here are the main materials that you can use if you choose medals for your community sports event.


Aluminium is a lightweight metal, so it is appropriate for manufacturing medals. Moreover, this material is soft and highly malleable, and these properties contribute to good machinability. Basically, aluminium is easy to form, so you will not be limited in terms of custom designing. Pure aluminium typically has an attractive silvery white colour, and it is not vulnerable to corrosion. However, you can request for powder-coated and painted alternatives to suit your unique aesthetic vision.


Brass is a favourable choice in sports medal fabrication because of its decorative appearance. The metal is formed by combining copper and zinc, as well as small quantities of other elements like phosphorous, silicon and aluminium. When this alloy is clean and in good condition, it has a beautiful gold-like appearance. Brass is highly corrosion-resistant, so the medal will last long. Bronze is also an alloy of copper, but it is more expensive than brass due to the high copper content and the use of tin as an alloying element.


Copper has a beautiful reddish-orange colour when freshly exposed and in its pure form. Over time, the surface will corrode and form a green patina. This hue is attractive in an old-fashioned way and the copper can be cleaned to restore the original shade. This metal is soft and ductile, so it can be fabricated into diverse design. Unfortunately, the material is too costly to fabricate numerous medals. However, you can choose this if the awards are being presented to winners only.

Mild Steel

If you are working with a stringent budget, you should consider choosing mild steel medals. Unlike most types of steel materials, this is a low-tensile metal which is easy to manufacture. In addition, steel is easy to paint in order to improve the aesthetic value of the material. If you choose mild steel for the sports medals, ensure that the medals are galvanised to prevent rusting.

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